My Second Home

I have been going to Smiths Beach with my family for 11 years (ever since I can remember) and will be back down there in January 2003 for the 12th consecutive year.

I always look forward to going to Smiths Beach because it is so relaxing and the beach is still breathtaking after so many years. Smiths is the most pleasant and clean beach I've ever been to, and I hope it stays that way for many years to come.

It will be a real shame if this development goes ahead. Not only will there be more people in general, there will be more permanent residents, which means less special "quiet" times.

People come to Smiths because it's beautiful and a non-stressful environment. More people means more stress, more noise, more pollution, more rubbish and more of a need to develop (more shops etc).

I'm strongly against the development. I would like to take my children there when I'm older, so they can experience what I have experienced and I hope it hasn't changed one bit. The way Smiths Beach is, is what makes Smith's Beach so special and the best place to be.

I will never forget the fond memories I have of Smiths Beach.

Katie 17 years

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