Smiths Beach Stories Contents

The Save Smiths Beach campaign encourages supporters to submit their own original stories, poetry, messages of support or memories to be included in our Reflections page.
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  1. Dont Kill This Special Place
    "Developers, your intentions to create something new, whatever the reasons, will destroy a beauty that already exists. Smiths Beach cannot be improved! You cannot add something to Smiths without taking Smiths away."

  2. My Second Home
    "I'm strongly against the development. I would like to take my children there when I'm older, so they can experience what I have experienced and I hope it hasn't changed one bit."

  3. Smiths Beach 2002 - My first barrel.
    " I was goin' hell fast and then I hit the bottom and the lip broke over me and that was the best feeling of my life."

  4. Smiths Beach 1801 - Flinders and Baudin.
    "Many of the capes and coastal features of the Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin region bear French names care of Baudin's explorations."

  5. Smiths Beach 1976 - 'bodysurfing with me mum'.
    "A lot of things happen in quarter of a lifetime and our Smiths Beach trip was one of those fond memories that become treasures as we grow older".

  6. Tigers in the water.
    "But there was this time when we had some pots to pull out the back of Smiths", he visibly tensed, "We had moored in at Canal Rocks and camped at Smiths the night before..."

  7. One Magic Moment at Smiths.
    "I had to capture my breath, in shock and in complete awe of what I had just experienced. A surfer on the beach let out a huge "Woo hoo!" and punched his fist into the air. I felt elated. No camera would ever be able to capture that moment".

  8. Breathing deeply...
    "You see, it is still a place I visit even though I am thousands of miles from away from it, I feel so connected to that place"

  9. Smiths Beach 1973.
    "It was grey howling onshore winds creating boiling brown turbulent water, with a decent swell and all sorts of currents."

  10. A place of total reflection.
    "A place of total reflection, For my minds eyes' ease; I'd take a stroll upon Unique Smiths Beach..."

  11. Sweet Summer Rain.
    "As with every storm the rain as tears subside and a beautiful rainbow appears."

Smiths sunset.

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