Acronyms and Abbreviations used in Australian Veterinary Practice

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Minus. Used to denote 'lack of' or absence. (e.g. D- = absence of drinking). Note: there is no degree of absence.    


Plus. Used to denote severity. + mild; ++ moderate; +++ severe. If you use ++++, then it is really serious. (e.g. V+ = mild, occassional vomiting; fleas ++ = "There is a moderate number of fleas on the animal and I'm not going to count them"; Dh+++ = "This patient has severe diarrhoea")    


Value increased above normal limits (e.g. "^CREAT "). See also +; *



Take note of this. Take note of this value. ** = very important. See also +; ^



Fracture or Broken. See also: F#


1+, 2+, etc

Degree of severity (e.g. in a urine test: Protein 2+). See also +


1+, 2+, etc

One day's time, two day's time, etc. (e.g. repeat UA 2+ = repeat urine analysis in 2 days)



1 tablet twice daily for seven days (or variations)

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