Smiths, Dont Kill This Special Place

I have been going to Smiths Beach each year for Christmas Holidays since 1990, when I was 10 years old. Growing up in a small country town, the whole year for me would be spent waiting to get back to Smiths. My heart and mind were there all year round even though I was there only a few weeks. Some of my lifelong freindships were initiated there and still flourish, I believe because of the special environment they were created in.

Smiths Beach is such a beautiful place, with most of its natural state remaining.

I understand that money is a powerful force and in today's world it is the main reason people get out of bed in the morning!

No amount of money can create an environment and atmosphere like Smiths still holds. Places like Smiths Beach aren't man-made!

By 'developing' this place we not only kill the natural ecosystems that remain, but we destroy the priceless experience and feel that this place gives us.

The developers may argue that their mind set is on expanding on a beautiful destination that exists and making it more accessable for the whole public to experience, but in reality it will kill the very heart and soul of Smiths.

Change will not only mean extra buildings. Introducing large numbers of people will destroy the relaxed community feeling at Smiths. I for one would probably stop visiting Smiths Beach if the feel of the place was lost, and so would many others who enjoy the place as it is.

Developers, your intentions to create something new, whatever the reasons, will destroy a beauty that already exists. Smiths Beach cannot be improved! You cannot add something to Smiths without taking Smiths away.


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