The view to Smiths Beach from  the Torpedo Rocks car park lookout at the north end of the scenic bay.
The site of the Save Smiths Beach campaign since 2000


The view of Smiths Beach from Torpedo Rocks is featured in this TV message

At the start of this century a developer wanted to put a large town on the beach hillside


The community wants to conserve the scenic rural coastline

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

Welcome to our campaign to help conserve Smiths Beach, Western Australia: a beautiful part of the Australian coastline.

Have a close look at the current scenic natural / rural landscape, the vegetation, the native wildlife habitat and relatively unspoilt coastline.

Developers, like the former Canal Rocks Pty Ltd, had submitted a development guide plan, to develop an inappropriate coastal town at Smiths Beach.

The Save Smiths Beach campaign will need your help again, via public submissions to the Busselton Shire Council or other relevant authorities (such as the WA Planning Commission), regarding various stages of any new development process.

Please return to this web site regularly to find out how you can do your part.

The Save Smiths Beach campaign

The Save Smiths Beach campaign is a community campaign specifically to protect the Smiths Beach area from inappropriate development.

This campaign web site acts as a communication tool, information resource, historical archive and internet focus.

Concerned community members take action by attending public meetings, questioning potential developers, writing letters to public forums, contacting decision makers and writing submissions when called upon.

Students from Western Australian high schools and tertiary education campuses contacted the Save Smiths Beach website regularly during the decade of the initial campaign asking for information regarding potential development at Smiths Beach. Young Western Australians identified inappropriate development at Smiths Beach as a major Western Australian concern.

Our Aim Your View

Our aim is to help; those interested within the wider community, decision makers, developers and politicians understand their responsibility for only appropriate development at Smiths Beach based on community consesus.

We aim to work in community to maintain the natural asset of Smiths Beach in a way that is forward thinking and of value to all, including future generations of Western Australians.

It is our responsibility now to remain alert. Once the opportunity to speak up is gone, the place will value is lost.

About Smiths Beach

Smiths Beach is a beautiful bay south of Yallingup in the south west corner of Western Australia.

Smiths Beach, photography by Christian Fletcher.

Photo by Christian Fletcher - the T-shirt design image.

Many Western Australians, interstate and international visitors have been inspired by the natural beauty of the relatively unspoilt coastline in this area.

A few small coastal hamlets exist. The hamlets cater for summertime holidaymakers and tourists, with a few lucky local residents and an increasing number of holiday houses.

The Danger!

There is a remains a potential development proposal for this scenic bay.

The paradox of development in an area of scenic beauty

The paradox in the proposed development plan is that the reason for visiting this coastline is its inspirational natural beauty.

By allowing large scale development on the coast we are destroying the main reason why so many people visit and seek to live near the beaches in the south west of Western Australia.

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Surfrider Foundation logo This web site is the online part of a coastal community campaign. It was voluntarily powered during the height of the campaign by a member of the Surfrider Foundation (Australia) in community with the Smiths Beach Action Group, the officially recognised community advocate group on this issue.

"Most of the time we live our lives in our own heads, our own space. We have friends who we can talk to but we keep our innermost thoughts private. Every now and then something comes along that affects us all in the same way and we are all on the same wavelength. Usually it is when our community is threatened and we band together to fight the threat. We unite with a common aim and the person who we rarely talk to suddenly becomes a friend.

Get your copy of the 'Save'da Hill' music complilation CD - only $10We become a community."

Bob McKay
Chairman, Smiths Beach Action Group
Message in the "Save 'da Hill'" music compilation CD

More Wise Words to consider:

"I've always thought that the Australian coast is so precious, and beguiling, and yet formidable, that it should not be in the preserve of just a few; we all of us need some harbour of the heart to sustain us, and for many Australians the coast provides just that. It is both adventure and retreat.

Yet if we continue as we are, and devour all that is natural about it even as we admire it, we will end up with a sour taste in the mouth and nothing left to inspire us and a crime on our hands for which future generations will never forgive us."

Craig McGregor (in Resource Assessment Commission 1992)

"Once these pristine environments are damaged, they are lost forever and cannot be replaced. Our children and our children's children may well look back unfavourably on a generation that permitted such developments."

Cr. Wes Hartley (in Special Council Minutes17/12/08)

"No house should ever be on a hill or on anything. It should be of the hill. Belonging to it. Hill and house should live together each the happier for the other."

"The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes. If you foolishly ignore beauty, you will soon find yourself without it. Your life will be impoverished. But if you invest in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life."

Frank Lloyd Wright

The vulnerable Western Ringtail Possum and the endangered Western Native Cat (Chuditch)
confirmed sightings at Smiths Beach

Some of WA's unique and western most Tuart trees are found on the Smiths Beach development site


Surf reports; surf cams; local coastal issues SpeakOutWA!
Research has indicated that many travellers believe tourism spots in Australia have become overcrowded and overcommercialised. There is also a growing sense of nostalgia for the Australia that existed before the development and commercialisation of recent years


(Margaret River)


WA's Best Surf Report

Smiths Beach News

Smiths Beach back on the market
- not sold in 2012


The West Australian

Canal Rocks Pty Ltd goes in to liquidation


Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Insolvency Notice

Smiths Beach in WA on the market after almost a decade mired in controversy


Jonathan Chancellor

Tourist lot numbers further reduced by WA Planning Commision

Not quite finished: The latest plan was adopted by the Busselton Shire Council on February 23, 2011. But some of the changes since 2009 remain questionable and of concern.


The West Australian

Minister approves Smiths Beach development

Not quite finished: "Final approval will come from relevant planning authorities." The WA Planning Commission will make the final decision.


ABC News Online

Controlling corruption

"There's been a synergy there, regrettably, between selfish commerce and selfish politics, which is probably peaked around this phenomenon of the lobbyists and these lobby companies which are full of people who do what? I'm not sure. Grease the monkey, and dirty their hands and a few other people in the same process." ...

"Technology, the internet, means that the effects are there for the world to see forever, and they're not under your control if you're the agency that's the subject of the scandal..."


ABC Background Briefing

Retrial ordered
in CCC case

"David McKenzie, from the company Canal Rocks, is alleged to have lied to the CCC in 2006 when it was investigating the proposal to develop land at Smith's Beach near Yallingup..."


ABC News Online (Video)

Smiths Beach approval to end legal proceedings

(The legal proceedings threat seems to have done its job)


ABC News Online

Smiths Beach plans
an 'improvement'


ABC News Online

Smiths Beach development gets council nod


The West Australian

Council accepts
Smiths Beach plan


ABC News Online

Action group stand


Busselton~Dunsborough Mail

Changing tide for Smiths Beach?


Busselton~Dunsborough Mail

Council to consider revised Smiths Beach plan


ABC News Online

Revised Smiths Beach project backed


The West Australian

Smiths Beach
a step closer


ABC News Online

New Smiths Beach plan ready for council


The West Australian

Smiths Beach under discussion again


Busselton Dunsborough Times

EPA opposes proposed Smiths Beach development


Busselton~Dunsborough Mail

Busselton Shire welcomes
Smiths Beach
EPA rejection


ABC News Online

EPA ‘no’
to Smiths Beach proposal


The West Australian

Smiths Beach development
'over the top'


ABC News Online

Save Smiths Beach

Please keep your contact details up to date and encourage your friends and family to join the campaign to Save Smiths Beach.

Thought for today:
"We want to take care of what we have now. So in the future everyone can enjoy the same as we do today. That's called sustainability."

For your research: Media Reports
2000 - 2007
(over 150 articles
and letters)

Read the revealing transcripts of the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) investigation -
for public interest

The Dark Arts

Australia's highly respected investigative current affairs program reports on the Smiths Beach development

Cartoonist: Alston


ABC Four Corners

Get your Smiths Beach image by a talented Yallingup artist


"Save 'da Hill'" Art Release

Smiths Beach surfcam

Smiths Beach points of view (take the visual tour)
Wardanup Hill above Ngilgi Cave - viewpoint
These are the views that will change when building development occurs on the coastal hillside

Smiths Beach News Archive


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