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Plan inappropriate

24 December 2008

By Frank Gaschk, letter in: Busselton~Dunsborough Mail

The resolve of council to back the shire planning staff in the recent unanimous vote against the Smiths Beach development guide plan is heartening for the community.

The staff report for the recent special meeting makes it clear why the plan is still inappropriate.

The latest in a long line of developers spokespeople claims that millions have been spent on the plan. Unfortunately for the small group of shareholders in the consortium that propose this large impact on the coast that will affect many Western Australians and shire visitors, it has been money unwisely spent. It is clear the expenditure was to maximise development size and profit, rather than meeting planning requirements and community expectations. The plan did not even get to the starting gate because it failed to meet the requirements of local planning laws, particularly in the need to protect the visual amenity of Smiths Beach.

It is important to note that the developer continues to seek compromise based on over-the-top, inappropriate plans when it should be clearly evident after a third (or is it fourth?) rejection that they should start from achieving the basic planning law requirements. Then negotiate a development plan with the council and community that has as a starting point the town planning scheme and state planning policy conditions met. This was clearly stated and observed in the staff report in the meeting agenda.

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