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29 August 2007

Letter by Lawrie Schlueter in the Busselton~Dunsborough Mail

IT WAS reported in The West Australian (August 17), in regard to the proposed Smiths Beach development, that chairman of Canal Rocks Mr McKenzie had said that they had undertaken one of WA's most extensive community consultation programs for a coastal development.

As a participant in the process I wish to make the following comments.

The person contacted to carry out the so-called consultation with the community later appeared in the local media as a 'spokesperson for Canal Rocks' who went on to describe local opposition as a bunch of whingers. I leave you to draw your own conclusions as to the objectivity of the consultation process and the importance Canal Rocks attached to it.

At the same time as I and others attended the meetings in good faith, evidence from the Corruption and Crime Commission has clearly shown that the proponents had engaged the services of Messers Burke and Grill, with the incentive of a success fee dependant on the number of lots achieved.

I am deeply disappointed, but perhaps not surprised, that the developer chose to work behind our backs in order to try to bring about a result that best suits his needs but not necessarily those of the community.

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