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Morgan can't hide her role in the Smiths Beach saga

30 May 2007

Letter by Ian Mitchell, Yallingup in the Busselton~Dunsborough Mail

I feel I need to respond to Beryle Morgan once again trying to distance herself from the goings on between the potential developers of Smiths Beach and some shire councilors.

Mrs Morgan says she did not organise the other three candidates.

Well, she is obviously taking the word organise very literally.

While she may not have gotten them out of bed, brushed their teeth, put them in a gold box with red ribbon and delivered them to David McKenzie's front door she most definitely was instrumental in their meeting.

Councilors Alan MacGregor, John Triplett, and Anne Ryan were first brought to the attention of David McKenzie (Smiths Beach developer), by Mrs Morgan, including further meetings at McKenzie's home.

But don't take my word for it. Google CCC and read the transcripts taken on the 1/11/06 pages 22 - 24, 28, 37 and 6/11/06 page 31 and you will see the truth. And why was Brian Burke so desperate to get Beryle Morgan on the South West Development Commission, that would review issues relating to the Smiths Beach development?

And by the way Bill Mitchell's ocean view will not be affected in any way whatsoever by the potential development.

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