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Letters in the Busselton~Dunsborough Mail

7th & 14th September 2005

Marion White, Dunsborough
(no relation to Joe White), 14/09/05

"Look out for vested interests
in Smiths Beach"

Does Joe White (Letters, September 7) really think that David McKenzie, chairman of Canal Rocks Pty Ltd, deserves to be applauded for his latest Smiths Beach development vision and willingness to engage and listen to the community?

If Mr White is the real estate agent, I believe he could have a vested interest in future sales and his opinions could well be prejudiced in favour of the development, rendering his comments less credible.

It should be remembered that it was public upset and outrage over the original 2001 development proposal put forward by Canal Rocks that forced the need for community participation and scale reduction to take place, not a benevolent act by Mr McKenzie deserving of praise.

Don't be impressed by scale decrease from that of the 2001 belly-up proposal - be very concerned about scale increase over strategy guidelines.

Joe White, Dunsborough, 07/09/05

"Smiths Beach proposal
answers questions"

Canal Rocks Pty Ltd's new plans for Smiths Beach presented to Busselton Shire Council are a far cry from the original proposal that went belly-up in the face of huge public outcry in 2001.

Chairman David McKenzie should be applauded for his vision for a world-class development and his willingness to engage and listen to the community.

The scale of the project and the sensitive location demanded that all our concerns about the impact of the project on the beach and on the surrounding views be answered.

In reducing the size of the development and producing design concepts that fit in with the area's environment, it appears that the developers have tried very hard to deliver in these areas.

I am looking to seeing the council release complete details of the plan so that we can see for ourselves just how well they have done in this regard.

  • Research by the Save Smiths Beach campaign has found that, as part of the "community consultation", the presentation tally counted by the developer, included presentations to White McMullen Real Estate.

  • A locally available community reference resource lists only one Joe White in Dunsborough with the additional information that he is a real estate agent. This is out of 5 pages of 'J Whites' in regional WA.

  • A Joe White is the Principal/Licensee of White McMullen Real Estate.

This information is provided to be read in context with the letters (above).


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