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New tack on Smiths Beach

02 April 2003

By Catie Low of The West Australian
(Property/Business Section)

Canal Rocks Pty Ltd has appointed Clifton Coney Stevens for the controversial Smiths Beach development, south of Yallingup.

Clifton Coney Stevens will work with the community to protect the ecosystem and develop a sustainable project that combines tourist and residential uses.

Clifton Coney Stevens director Neill Stevens said his group would coordinate and lead the overall team.

"We are recommencing the public consultation and management of the design process," Mr Stevens said.

"Right now the focus is on getting a plan that gains wide acceptance."

Clifton Coney Stevens is project manager for three of Perth's best-known urban renewal projects - Subiaco Centro, the East Perth redevelopment and the Midland renewal.

Mr Stevens said it was exciting to be involved in another world-class project.

"Our first priority will be to liaise with the local community and we will seek their input throughout the project," Mr Stevens said.

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