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The Save Smiths Beach campaign encourages supporters to submit their own original images, drawings or paintings to be included in our gallery.

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Your view of Smiths Beach
During the public submission campaign we couldn't afford a celebrity, so we had to make one... (Exit this browser window to get back to Smiths Beach)

Click for larger picture showing the paradox between coastal vegetation and building development

From swooping seagull cam

An orange bellied parrot?
pop art poster

View another view that will be affected by human impact development

From a
coastal trek another beautiful view

Aerial view of the proposed development site

From swooping seagull cam

Aerial view of the proposed development site

From swooping seagull cam

Sunset by G2 Designs

Click to see the view looking west to the hill side development location.

From sitting seagull cam

Smiths roovisual impact of building in sparse coastal heath
Smiths Beach watercolour


Seachange Tsunami

visual impact @ Smiths Beach
Cartoon for community newspapers in Melbourne Cup week
Cartoonist: Alston
Click to see the Save Smiths Beach  surfboard at work

Shark sightings @ Smiths Beach

"There's been a sighting of sharks... Smiths Beach"

Grey roo colour blends in with the coastal landscape. There's a lesson thereVisual impact concerns; an artist's impression

What shade ?

This week's cartoon

Shade, height, vegetation...
Put them together and what have we got?

The development site is located between two areas of coastal national park that provides important habitat for rare, endangered, vulnerable and unique flora and fauna.

Habitat for endangered & vulnerable
native fauna

Roo taller than the coastal heathVisual impact concerns; an artist's impression

How tall?

Hooded Plover

The Hooded Plover nests on Smiths Beach

Yallingup Reef - viewpoint

Sitting in the surf at Yallingup reef

Wardanup Hill - viewpoint

Smiths Beach from the Cape to Cape Walk Trail from Wardanup Hill above Ngilgi Cave
Take the visual tour at Smiths Beach

Take the viewpoint tour of Smiths Beach

November 2003

Smiths Beach viewed from Yallingup Point


A dark future. Express your opinion today!

The View: from Torpedo Rocks
car park

Smiths Beach March 2003

View from
on the beach


Watch out sharks move fast! Even on land.
Gallop on the beach

The WA Premier at the time of the 1st development proposal
-Dr. Geoff Gallop

Bunker Bay

Bunker Bay - roof lines

Taj Burrow

Pro Surfing Celebrity
-Taj Burrow-

Beach huh huh Hug!

Beach Hug

Click to see the full cartoon.

Visual Amenity

Smiths Beach Hill from a surfer's point of view

View the size of the development area.

December 2000

High energy coast.

Caught in a rip on a summer's day.

Bodyboarders love "Supertubes"
at Smiths Beach

The successful 2001 Smiths Beach
Action Day.

Oil painting -  Megan taking wobbly steps at Smiths Beach

Wobbly steps

For the surfers

High energy
clean water waves.

See the artist's impression of the possible result of development.

December 2000

The lair of the Smiths Beach Grizzly Bear!

Can you see the development?

Gilligan's Island cartoon.

a point of view.

cartoon April 2002

Who will speak up for the illiterate?

Winter Beach

Canal Rocks Winter

Development Opportunity


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