Beach Safety at Smiths Beach

A high energy wave about to dump into the middle of the 'safe' swimming area at Smiths Beach

Above: View from a rip, on a summer's day 2001, in the designated "safe" swimming area (between the red & yellow flags) at Smiths Beach.

The State of the Marine Environment Report for Australia defines the coast where Smiths Beach is located as " a high energy coastline".

Surf lifesavers would describe the wave pictured as a "plunging wave", one that could inflict a spinal injury on an unsuspecting swimmer.

One of the important areas that the 2005 Development Guide Plan will need to fully discuss is public safety for the increased numbers of unsuspecting visitors to the beach.

The Busselton Shire has agreed to the need to investigate beach safety at Smiths Beach and neighbouring Yallingup beach, after approaches from the Surf Life Saving Association of Western Australia.

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