Bunker Bay viewpoint: Cape to Cape walk trail, Shelley Beach - looking south to Bunker Bay.

Note: Some good attempts at matching the
colour of the buildings to the landscape. This development is well hidden from a number of points of view, except, unfortunately the one
that affords purchasers the all important coastal view.

East side of Shelley Beach. Location on photograph of Bunker Bay development.

But also note the contrast of the sharp roof lines compared to the curves and shadows of the naturally vegetated landscape.


Roof lines and roof colour will be main concerns in the Smiths Beach development.
Bunker Bay is an example to learn from.

If you're lucky enough to be down south,
drive out to Shelley beach at Bunker Point
and view it for your self.

Bunker Bay roof lines

Shelley Beach - eastside boulders.
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