Save Smiths Beach

Message in the "Save 'da Hill'" compilation music CD

Most of the time we live our lives in our own heads, our own space. We have friends who we can talk to but we keep our innermost thoughts private. Every now and then something comes along that affects us all in the same way and we are all on the same wavelength. Usually it is when our community is threatened and we band together to fight the threat. We unite with a common aim and the person who we rarely talk to suddenly becomes a friend. We become a community.

Dave 'da Hill - GET YOUR COPYThe 'Save DA Hill' CD is a product of such a community spirit: the extended communities of Dunsborough and Yallingup uniting to save a treasured local beach; musicians donating their talent and time to make this CD and help the fight to save Smiths Beach.

This is the finest example of the human spirit when we work together for the common good. I would like to thank all the musicians, producers, engineers and everyone else who helped make this CD a reality.

Bob McKay
Chairman, Smiths Beach Action Group

Artists featured on the "Save DA Hill'" compilation music CD:
(in order of appearance) Huckleberry Swedes, Veeva Feeva, Aquaman's Lab, Linus, Animal Johnson, A Bone of Contention, Desert Radio vs Swami Adima, Cow, Marcus Bancroft, Greenroom, Kenny Bartley, Desert Radio, Qynn.

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